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    Learn what you need for your life outside the clinic—on your schedule. Our mission is to use our training and experience to better the lives of physicians and their families in the same way they use their training and experience to better the quality of life for all people.

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    Our passion is to provide financial intelligence and assistance to physicians in our areas of specialty with the thoughtful and personalized care they give their patients. Understand your money, visualize your future, and prepare for it with a free membership.

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  • We learn none of this in residency unless you ask around, and physicians are painfully unprepared to enter the professional world after years of residency training.
    Dr. Sarah Berten
  • They're just very thorough and clearly are very knowledgeable in their field and I'll be honest—I don't know a lot nor understand a lot about finances but they're able to break it down to a level that I understand.
    Dr. Megan Frost

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WHY SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP? Most educational courses designed for physicians address concerns inside the clinic. But Attending Life will help you maximize your potential outside the clinic as well.


You'll benefit from our experience gained from helping thousands of physicians optimize life outside the clinic.

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  • Craft the perfect CV
  • Ace the interview for your dream position
  • Understand and negotiate your contract
  • Achieve your financial dreams with a physician-specific financial plan
  • It was nice to be able to have presentations given to me over the Internet as opposed to having to go in some place to meet with someone and take up more of my time.
    Dr. James Whitaker

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